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Unique Holiday Gifts

Find something special for your Holiday gift giving at Kean Miles. Everything is on sale! Most items are discounted to ½ Off or More! Choose from a variety of offbeat, yet high-quality gifts, just in time for Christmas.
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The Latest Gifts & Gadgets from Kean Miles

Dreamlights Solar Jar

Dreamlights Solar Jar
by Fred & Friends

Rocky the Desktop Organizer

Rocky Organizer
by J-me Design

Pencil Touch Screen Stylus

Pencil Stylus
by Suck-UK

Lunchbugs Sandwich Bags

Lunchbugs Sandwich
Bags by Fred

On Sale Now

On Sale Now

Budget Cuts Piggy Bank Featuring gadgets & gifts for the Holiday Season, this month's Sales Event is kicking off with a virtual cornucopia of savings. Pictured here is the tongue-in-check Budget Cuts Piggy Bank, illustrating that a penny (or especially a quarter) saved, is money earned. Save today and Pick up something great for the Holidays!
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Featured in Kitchen & Home »

Remote Control Tidy Caddy

Remote Control Tidy

Look for that lost remote no more! Store your remote controls in style with the Remote Tidy.

Funny Stuff in Office Gags »

Fisticup Coffee Mug

Fisticup Mug

Get down to brass tacks, or brass knuckles with this striking coffee mug. Really get a grip in the morning with the new Fisticup Mug!

Cool Drinking Gifts in Bar & Wine »

Pop Top Bottle Opener

Pop Top Bottle Opener

Shaped after the iconic canned drink pull tab of the early 70's, this opener is a real eye catcher.

The Latest in Gadgets »

Knock on Wood

Knock on Wood Sticker Set

The ergonomically pleasing tactile feel of wood is now available for your mobile devices, not to mention it's amazing powers!

Hopside Down Beer Glass

Hopside Down Glass

This unique glass gives the appearance of an upside down bottle when filled with beer.

Pizza Boss Slicer

Pizza Boss Slicer

The ruggedly handsome Pizza Boss 3000 mows through pepperonies and mushrooms like butter!

What's Cool in Funny T-Shirts »

Kramerica Industries T-Shirt

Kramercia T-Shirt

Join Kosmo Kramer's new start-up company, Kramerica Industries.

Get Ready to Roll with Fun Stuff »

Talking Moo Mixer

Talking Moo Mixer

The mooing edition of the moo mixer cup swirls your chocolate milk or bosco to perfection.